Monday, 26 March 2012

If I was a rich girl... Spring 2012

This past week the sunshine has come out (I claim full responsibility after my umbrella post) and so the wardrobes around HK have been changing. The coats are back at the back of the closet for the next ten months and I have been devouring the Spring fashion trend sections online and in magazines.

These trends come up time and time again:
1. Prints
2. Pastels
3. Peplum

I am definitely not a dedicated follower of fashion, and when I splurge on items I want them to be classic enough that I can wear them for years. However, without a nod to the current trends a wardrobe can lack that certain 'je ne sais quoi!', so I have endeavoured to find items that fit the trends, and my 'classic' criteria.

Here is my top five wishlist to update my wardrobe:

My Spring 2012 Wishlist

A Wear lace top
$72 -
Peplum! I have no idea if I can pull off this look being a bit 'hippy', but this is such a pretty top I think I'd give it a try.

GAP super skinny jeans
Pastel jeans - not sure if I can pull this off either, I prefer darker colours on the bottom... Maybe I'll be brave... 

Seychelles strappy sandals
$80 -
Seychelles sandals are ridiculously comfy! I highly highly recommend them! Flats are ideal for the precarious Hong Kong pavements and hills. The colour blocking on the heels is a really nice touch for this Summer.

Chloé leather shoulder bag
£340 -
Not a bag for the kitchen sink, I think the size and shape of this bag would be perfect for dashing around town. In this peach pastel shade makes it an ideal Summer weekend bag.

Alexander mcqueen scarve
$295 -
I have just wanted an item is this print forever - an investment piece? I think so... Want want want! So any excuse!

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